Resort properties to satisfy all tastes and requirements are
available in Manitoba's pristine wilderness.

From a modest facility with opportunities to improve and grow to a wilderness paradise complete with five star accommodations, it's own runway and aircraft to transport their guests to and from the resort. The special atmosphere of a first class resort just down a gravel road or a short flight away, but worlds away from civilization. It's not hard to understand why this type of business venture which provides the exhilaration of clean, unpolluted air is growing and thriving in Manitoba.    
The fishing and hunting in Manitoba is second to none. Manitoba was one of the first provinces to institute fishing policies essentially guaranteeing quality fishing as it was in the past, and for the years to come. This ensures successful fishing trips for guests from around the globe. Manitoba is a world leader in progressive fish management with a strong "catch-and-release" policy and the "barbless hook program" ensuring the avid angler as well as the novice the excitement of hooking a lunker from the depths of our Manitoba lakes. The incredible diversity of our fish species offers something for everyone.    
Manitoba's world famous Master Angler Program keeps anglers coming back year after year to catch and release one of 28 qualifying fish species. This program is unique to Manitoba and has proven to be very popular over the years. Any angler who buys a Manitoba angling licence is eligible to enter their catch if it meets the minimum length requirement. Minimum lengths for all 28 species and application forms are published in various publications related to Manitoba tourism. All award winners will have their names published.    

The opportunities are boundless. The aging population has more free time and resources to draw on ensuring the present and continued growth of these operations and making them the thriving opportunities they are, not to mention the life style choice that this type of investment offers to a family run business.


Ecotourism is another opportunity still in it's infancy offering an added bonus for expansion into another growth aspect. Ecotourism in the US brings in almost as many dollars as Americans spend to attend all of professional sports. The opportunity to catch that elusive glance of a rare bird or animal not found in other parts of the world bring guests from far and wide with this vision in mind. The "Demographic Shift" highly influences both the current success of these businesses and the future growth. As you can see there are many positive influences at work ensuring the future growth of all tourism based businesses.